Trusted Dealer for FR Conversions

Your safety should be the primary concern of any emergency vehicle manufacturer. That’s why we’ve partnered with FR Conversions. No other conversion van manufacturer subjects their vehicles to more rigorous and comprehensive crash testing. FR Conversions Vans also meet or exceed American and Canadian safety requirements as well as those of the insurance industry.

As an authorized Second Stage Manufacturer for Fiat Chrysler Automobile and a partner in the Ford QVM program, in addition to our collaborations with General Motors and Toyota, FR Conversions have proven to be far more than just an up fitter! Beginning with vehicles manufactured by the world’s foremost automotive firms, FR Conversions Inc. designs, engineers, and manufactures transportation solutions well beyond industry standards.

Current Demos

Here is a look at the current availability of FR Conversions demo vehicles.

RAM ProMaster FR Pioneer II

RAM ProMaster 3500 FR Pioneer II Elite