Tier One Sutphen Fire Trucks Dealer

Purchasing fire apparatus is not a quick and easy task. From planning your custom-built apparatus to delivery and acceptance, the process requires a great deal of your time and effort. Sutphen takes great pride in working with integrity, in treating their customers with the respect they deserve as a vital part of their own success.

From limited option program trucks to complex industrial aerials, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and durability for lower costs. Your team deserves the most effective, safest apparatus on the market. Sutphen fire trucks are built with the highest degree of craftsmanship and innovation, and we proudly represent the Sutphen family.

Custom Chassis Fire Apparatus

Your fire apparatus must meet the demands that you determine, never the other way around. Sutphen custom apparatus are engineered with over 130 years of experience, and you in mind.

Engineered for flawless performance

When purchasing a custom chassis Sutphen fire apparatus, your apparatus was engineered so that all the systems work together flawlessly. This means that your custom chassis was designed alongside your cab and body with specific thought to the advanced technology and control systems running on today’s apparatus.

Building around another engineer’s chassis or cab design can lead to compatibility problems and is often where hard-to-find “gremlins” pop up.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Over 130 years of experience goes into each apparatus that Sutphen builds. Quality, craftsmanship, and family values drive the company’s focus on building the safest, most effective product available. By building apparatus for as long as the Sutphen family has, you learn not only what will work but what won’t.

That type of knowledge cannot be bought. It has to be acquired through dedication, determination, and commitment.

Lower Long-Term Costs

Using non-proprietary parts means you can readily find common wear items such as brakes and suspension components, usually at a local parts store. Our competitors often use expensive, proprietary parts that frequently require waiting for shipping from that manufacturer.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we cannot get parts for your apparatus when you need them. Both Sutphen and Legacy Fire Apparatus stock common-use components, and our parts professionals can assist when needed.

Oldest Family-Owned Fire Apparatus Manufacturer in the United States

Sutphen was founded in 1890 by C.H. Sutphen. His son Harry took over in the 1930s, building fire apparatus on Ford chassis. Third generation Tom Sutphen designed and built the world’s first telescopic aerial platform in 1954.

The design and components of Tom’s innovation are still in use today. Sutphen mid-mount aerial platforms, constructed from aluminum and joined with aircraft HuckBolts, are considered the most heavy-duty ladders on the market.

Today, fourth-generation Sutphens are running the company. Drew Sutphen is President of Sutphen Corporation, and Julie Phelps is the general manager of the Hilliard, Ohio facility. Sutphen operates three manufacturing facilities in Ohio and one in Pennsylvania.

Current Demos

Demo units can be an efficient solution for a quick replacement and are engineered with the needs of a working department in mind. Here’s our current availability.

Demo 496 – SLR 108 Aerial Ladder

Demo 479 – Industrial Pumper