Established in 2003, Unruh Fire, located in Sedgwick Kansas, has been a leader in the fire apparatus industry building brush trucks, quick attach trucks, light rescue trucks, fire training trailers, skid units and rescue trailers. Our parent company, Unruh Fab, has been in business for 40 years and is considered a leader in the custom manufacturing of bulk glass transportation trailers, bodies and racks. 

In 1997 Unruh Fab was purchased by an investment group who wanted to expand the business using Unruh’s equipment manufacturing knowledge and skilled craftsmen. As the new owners discussed potential growth opportunities with the Unruh employees they discovered that one of shop foreman was a career firefighter. This led to discussions about idea of building truck for the fire industry. In 2002 Unruh built their first brush truck and displayed it at the FDIC show in 2003 where it was sold immediately. Upon returning to Kansas Unruh built a second truck and displayed it at the FRI show where again it was sold immediately.

The investment group was excited about the reaction to these first two trucks and ultimately Unruh Fire was born. Since the first truck in 2003, Unruh Fire has significantly expanded its product offering to include a full line of fire and rescue trucks.

The expansion began in 2007 when Unruh Fire purchased a company that specialized in the production of high end horse trailers. The knowledge gained from this acquisition gave way to the expansion of our fire line by offering highly specialized fire training trailers and fire command trailers. Also in 2007 a new 20,000 square foot shop facility was built and was dedicated solely to manufacturing of fire vehicles. This new facility allowed Unruh Fire to prepare for further acquisitions and growth. In 2009 Unruh purchased the Mertz/Marco line of high pressure skid units, a leading manufacturer of High pressure/Low volume skid units for ATV’s, trailers and pick-ups. And finally, in 2012 Unruh acquired the Renegade ARFF line of airport rescue vehicles. All three businesses were eventually relocated to the Unruh Fire headquarters in Kansas.

Since 2003 we have stood behind our motto “Built by Firefighters, for Firefighters”. We employ volunteer, retired and career firefighters who are involved in all aspects of the process from the initial product inquiry to the final delivery. By doing this our customers can be confident that the folks they’re working with truly understand the fire industry and the demands of fire service. At Unruh Fire, we are proud of the products we produce and we stand behind everything we build. For more information about the Unruh businesses visit our websites at: www.unruhfire.com and www.unruhfab.com

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